Monday, April 28, 2014

Pemadam api kereta

Fire causes loss & misery. You can stop it before it gets out of control. Just arm yourself with FITTERS FIRE-X.

Why choose FITTERS FIRE-X?

✔ Easy to use, just aim & press
✔ Simple to store & install
✔ Compact, light & highly mobile
✔ Ideal for the home, office & motor vehicle
✔ Non-toxic, environment friendly
✔ Multi purpose, works on all common household fires
✔ Maintenance-free, 4-year warranty & no yearly inspection required.
✔ Complies with UK, USA, Australia & Singapore fire tests.
✔ SIRIM tested & BOMBA approved

Untuk pertanyaan/tempahan:

♥ SMS/Whatsapp 0162001443

READY STOCK available!! Grab yours now!!

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